Print with Purpose. Cheap Cards? Not Here.

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I understand the appeal for buying business cards from cheap online retailers but, you need to think about the big picture. While the price may be great, it still has the potential to affect your business negatively later on. First impressions are everything!

Handing someone a cheap business card is like going to a business meeting in sweatpants. Functional, but, does it leave an ideal impression? I’m not saying you need expensive cards either, just avoid cheap ones. Your business card should be an investment, a direct representation of you and your business. This doesn’t mean fancy, just effective.

Here are some suggestions

Start with a simple design.

Nothing too cluttered. These are not advertisements. Why add unnecessary information on it?

Say, “No” to pre-designed templates.

These damage the brand of your business. Sure, it’s convenient, but not unique to you and what your business offers. Someone else is bound to share that same design. Don’t settle for, “This one, because it is good enough.”

Paper weight; heavier or thicker.

Floppy or thin paper makes them feel cheap. Increase the thickness or weight for a stronger feeling card. At the very least, something in the 14-16pt range.

Standards with high quality printing.

Cheap online retailers cut corners in the printing process. As a result, you get a lesser quality print. There’s a reason they’re cheap. I could go into more detail, but we'll save that for another day.

Invest time and effort into creating a business card that you are proud of; one that will be an asset to your business. Luckily, you don’t have to do it alone. We can help! It doesn’t matter if you are budget conscious or have all the money in the world. Everyone will get that WOW factor. It’s what we do.


Lead Print Designer

As the lead of the print design team at Brainworks Studio, I bring a continuous stream of fresh designs with the goal of expanding our reach for clients. I constantly strive to improve my nunchuk skills and design knowledge.

If I'm not designing; I’m coaching, playing basketball, looking for my ball on the golf course, binge-watching tv shows and indulging in a craft beer. I've driven cross country four separate times. Road trip?

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